Frequently Asked Questions

One of my goals for this studio is to keep things simple and avoid unnecessary complications - in my life and at work.

  • Want to make an appointment? Great, shoot me a message!
  • Want to bring a friend? No problem.
  • Would you like me to wear a mask? I'd be happy to.
  • Do you have a question or request? Just ask. 

    I like to keep this process as simple and enjoyable as it can be.
    Let's draw on you!

    Now, to the FAQs.

    What's your hourly rate?

    My current rate is $175/hr 

    Do you do coverups?

    Absolutely! Fill out this form and let me know what you have and what you're wanting. If you're unsure, I will gladly help brainstorm some design options so that you end up with a tattoo you're in love with. 

    How do I make an appointment?

    It's easy peasy lemon squeezy! Just fill out this form with the details listed on the page and I will get you booked as soon as possible. 

    What if I need to reschedule?

    Life happens! To reschedule your appointment, I need a 48hr notice before your appointment but a week's notice is ideal. Under a 48hr notice or a no call/no show will result in a $175 charge. You can manage your appointment in Square once booked.  

    Do I need to leave a deposit?

    While I do not require a deposit upfront, a card will be held on file in Square for your appointment and charged if necessary per the cancellation policy. 

    Is your studio ADA-accessible?

    Of course! If you need any additional accommodation or have a question about my accessibility, don't hesitate to reach out ( My space is your space and I want it to be as comfortable as possible. 

    What is your policy on numbing cream?

    I do not use numbing products during the tattoo process as I have found the healing to be problematic.

    While I do not carry or recommend any numbing products, I have heard good things about Dr.Numb and J-Pro. The product must be purchased and applied by you. The product must be approved for tattooing and you must use the product in accordance with the instructions. 

    Does your table have a weight limit?

    My current table has a weight limit of 400 lbs. If you need additional information, have concerns, or are curious about another option, please email me and we can look into alternatives! My email is

    Can I bring a friend? Support animal?

    I love supportive friends! If you'd like to have a friend with you, that's totally fine.

    Delicate Flower Ink allows service animals during tattoo appointments. Please contact me for more information or questions at! 

    How should I prepare for my tattoo? 

    1. Get a good night's sleep 
    2. Stay hydrated, water's your best friend 
    3. Don't be sick, tired, or hungover
    4. Eat a good meal beforehand
    5. Feel free to bring a snack, water, and/or a pillow
    6. Wear loose, comfortable clothing 
    7. Give yourself time to arrive so you're not stressed or worried about running late 
    8. Don't be afraid to reach out the night before/morning of if you have questions 


    What's the parking situation? How do I find you? 

    There is a free parking lot for you to park in. My suite is located inside the Thomas Hammer Coffee building. It's easiest to enter through Thomas Hammer Coffee, walk through the glass door in the back, and I am located at the second door on the left. If you have any trouble finding me, just call! 

    Do I have to be over 18? Can I sign for my child?

    In the State of Washington you must be 18 years old to get a tattoo. A parent cannot sign for you.  

    How do I take care of my new tattoo?

    Aftercare is extremely important when healing a new tattoo but I promise it's not rocket science. Check out my Aftercare page for all the deets on how to heal your tattoo. 

    How long should I wait between appointments?

    3-4 weeks if we are working in the same place. If you're working on a multiple-session piece, I recommend booking a few sessions at a time to guarantee your next appointment in a timely manner. 

    I cannot remember when my appointment is, help! 

    I utilize square appointments which means you will get email reminders when you book, when your appointment is coming up, and to confirm. You will also receive text reminders. Make sure to check your email (including junk!) and texts for appointment information. You'll also be able to manage your appointments with the links included in those emails. If you are unable to find anything about your appointment, I'm just a text/email away and will gladly help you. 

    How far out are you booked?

    I typically have appointments available within a month and may have openings sooner due to reschedules or cancellations. If you're wanting a tattoo no matter how big or small, reach out and I'll work to get you in as soon as possible. 

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